About Decilog

Decilog operates as the prime contractor or as a subcontractor to support key client objectives. We have a track record of taking a wide array of projects from inception to completion, and we provide research studies that are often incorporated into major procurement decisions and program strategies. Decilog designs, develops, and tests our software to the highest standards, paying particular attention to the testing and system assurance of our clients’ mission-critical systems. At the completion of our projects, we take the initiative to provide for the orderly transfer of technology to our clients through accurate documentation and targeted training programs.

Decilog has a long history of successful engineering support. We have developed many creative, computer-based solutions for specific goals for military and defense, maritime, aerospace, air traffic control, and commercial applications. Our engineering team is capable of providing large-scale technical support in the areas of homeland security, energy grid management, network engineering, and financial services.

With our broad technical experience and cadre of seasoned system engineers, Decilog stands ready to solve the operational and security-related challenges of today’s modern control and information systems for military, finance, and commercial sectors for which high-integrity, high-assurance systems are critical.


Systems Engineering   •   Software Development & Design   •   System Testing & Assurance
Simulation & Training   •   Homeland Security   •   Cybersecurity