Systems Engineering - Melville, Long Island

The first steps in any systems engineering and deployment project are to understand our clients’ particular needs and to express those needs in terms of a set of functional requirements. These requirements are then translated into design specifications from which high-integrity and high-assurance systems engineering systems can be created.

Based in Melville on Long Island, Decilog leverages its systems engineering heritage to enhance the firm’s capabilities in designing, developing and implementing mission-critical systems for U.S. defense agencies and the public and private sectors. Our Melville, Long Island systems engineering experts have a wealth of experience in meeting the challenges of modern security-critical systems including developing requirements and specifications for projects involving weapon and avionics control systems, radar-based systems, communications networks, and air-traffic control systems.

The high quality and high assurance of the systems engineering systems that Decilog creates are a testament to the skills and abilities of our systems engineers. They bring solid design and resiliency to systems that must operate failure-free under the most challenging of circumstances.

Clients in the Long Island area and around the country can depend upon Decilog’s professional staff, adhering to formal collaborative processes, to produce accurate and complete requirements and specifications, which result in systems engineering systems of the highest quality and reliability.

Software Engineering based in Melville Long Island

Decilog provides a wide array of software development services and systems engineering services and is based on Long Island in Melville, New York.


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