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Decilog Awarded U.S. Army Contract for Mortar Software Support

July 29, 2014

Decilog, Inc. has joined a team of government civilians and contractors working on multiple projects supporting the Mortars weapon systems at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. The projects involve design, development, and testing of software for the U.S. Army Mortars Weapons Systems.

[From Picatinny site] The U.S. Army currently uses three mortar systems; the 120mm M120/M121, the I-81mm M252 and the 60mm M224. Each includes the weapon, the fire control systems and the ammunition. The 120mm system also includes the M121 carrier-mounted system as well as the M120 ground emplaced system transported by a trailer.

These project efforts are adding to Decilog's extensive fire-control software development experience for U.S. Army artillery weapons systems. Fire-control software consists of multiple complex components all working together in real-time to improve the responsiveness and accuracy of the weapon system, while also providing automation of gun-pointing in many instances.

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